Concrete Blond Corals

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As many others, I had started out with Fresh water in 2001. For a few years I kept and maintained a 50gl mixed community of fish. In 2005 Had an opportunity to acquire a larger 120gl tank with sump for next to nothing. This is were Salt Water began for me. I purchased a lot of books and did my diligence, to ensure I had the right setup in place to keep corals. Starting with zoanthids, gsp, leathers and many other easy to keep corals. After a few years in 2007 I built an in wall 8’ x 2’ x 2’ tank. Once this was established I was starting to propagate and frag pieces because of over growth. My passion for this hobby continues to grow along with the continued learning that this hobby has to offer.

  • 2001

    50 gl freshwater mixed community tank with canister filters
  • 2005

    120gl salt water with 60gl sump. T5HO’s with durso overflow, canopy and stand
  • 2007

    In wall 250gl with 90 gl sump, 54’ dual mazzie injector skimmer, ozone and full  Neptune Apex system
  • 2008

    Upgraded to metal halide/pc cfl mix lighting and installation of chiller
  • 2009

    Upgraded to Aqua Illumination Sol Blue LEDs. Implementation of auto WC
  • 2010

    Upgraded to Aqua Illumination Hydra52’s. Installation of multi tank frag wall ran with Ecotech Radion XR30’s
  • 2014

    Apex DOS dosers added to maintain stability.
  • 2018

    Additional 40gl and 50 gl tanks were added utilizing Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro’s. Controlled by Apex controller.

My Saltwater Tank


My Main Pride and joy..
  • LSP

    My Main Pride and joy..

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